275 Belleview Boulevard n Belleair, FL 33756 n 727-469-7070 n BelleviewPlace.com May 2017 life It’s especially fun to come to work these days — so much activity all around energizes everyone on staff, our neighbors and visitors. Because, with the spirit of railroad magnate Henry B. Plant seeming to span the decades — an entire century, in fact — construction is in full steam at Belleview Place. Three buildings are well under way — the first Mid-rise Residences and two groups of charming Carriage Homes. Homebuyers are equally enthusiastic: Just three residences remain available in the Allamanda Mid-rise. And nine of the 25 homes in Brightwater, the second Mid-rise building, were snapped up within two weeks of their opening. In addition, of the 13 Carriage Homes currently available, five have already been claimed by buyers eager to recharge their lifestyle in luxury and comfort. If you haven’t visited this stunning oasis of tranquility yet, please come by soon — now is the time for best selection of floor plan, location and, yes, even price. We’d love to share more of our excitement with you. Claudia Emery Sales and Marketing Director P.S. If you can’t make it by soon, drop by our website and take the virtual tour. 275 Belleview Boulevard Belleair, FL 33756 Community Grows as Spring Blossoms Presort First Class US Postage PAID St Petersburg FL Permit 350 Come,Stay,Play