275 Belleview Boulevard n Belleair, FL 33756 n 727-469-7070 n BelleviewPlace.com Feb. 2017 life Due to accelerating sales in our first mid-rise condominium building, the Allamanda (now 77% sold), we will open sales in the Brightwater Building on March 2. If you’ve been waiting for the chance to reserve your very own “private estate in the sky,” now is the time to act. Please stop by soon to select your favorite floor plan and location, and we’ll make your appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, we look forward to sharing some exciting new virtual videos with you, including: n a spectacular bird’s-eye tour through the entire community of Belleview Place n a “walk-through” of the furnished interiors of both a mid-rise home and a carriage home n gorgeous interior renderings of the Belleview Inn We’ve had a whirlwind of activity the past few months, with special events, groundbreaking — of not one, but three buildings — and the “Big Move” of the Belleview Inn (please see p. 4). We’re now gearing up for an equally exciting 2017. So please, come by — it’s always a pleasure to share what makes Belleview Place one-of-a-kind. Claudia Emery Sales and Marketing Director 275 Belleview Boulevard Belleair, FL 33756 Grand Opening of Sales in Brightwater Building March 2 ExcitementBuildsforNewSalesOpening Presort First Class US Postage PAID St Petersburg FL Permit 350 © Belleview Place, LLC 2014